Comfort Food Meal Delivery, LLC

Comfort Food Meal Delivery, Llc

Comfort Food Meal Delivery is a service provided to Seattle and the Eastside, primarily focusing on healthy and filling comfort food. This meal delivery service is intended to be especially helpful for people who are homebound and need nutritious and appetizing comfort food. Examples include people affected by cancer treatment (both the patients and the caretakers), patients recovering from severe illnesses or surgeries, people with special dietary needs (diabetes, gluten intolerance, vegetarians), and women who are suffering from high-risk pregnancy induced bedrest. It is also intended for busy professionals who want substantial comfort food that is good for them. Menus are seasonal, changing quarterly.
This menu has been approved and endorsed by registered dietician Toni Kohn, M.S., R.D. , because your nutrition is of the utmost importance to us.