City Trees Furniture

We build residential and commercial furniture using salvaged wood from urban trees.

Besides utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste, the urban trees we use are typically older and larger than their farmed cousins and grow in more interesting ways in the open than they do in the forest. They develop unique shapes and curves and unusually beautiful patterns, or “figure,” as well as other markings that tell the history of the tree. We cut slabs from trees which can be up to five feet in width, allowing us to create single board tabletops. Most of our wood is from hardwood trees found in and around Seattle, with walnut, madrone, elm and maple being the most popular.

Our customers include interior designers, business/restaurant owners and individual home owners. We build tables, benches, desks, mantels and countertops in unique shapes and sizes, with straight edges or “live” edges—whatever our collective imaginations can envision. We welcome the opportunity to find new uses and inspiration for our exquisite wood.

We currently have finished pieces on display and for purchase in our gallery.