Cicchetti Kitchen and Bar

Cicchetti Kitchen And Bar

After 18 years serving as one of Seattle’s consistently top rated destinations, Serafina finally has a sibling. Owner Susan Kaufman has long resisted the demand to expand or open a second location for Serafina. She knows that the Italian haven has a certain mystique that is not to be tampered with. Now, a solution has finally been made for those who always wanted a bigger bar, or a private dining room, or a more casual way to enjoy the warmth and vitality of Serafina.

In 2009, Susan acquired the neighboring building, an architect designed space with a gorgeous mezzanine that’s served as an office for all these years. Guests at Serafina would always ask, “What’s the building opposite the courtyard?” Now, the answer is ‘Cicchetti.’

Not simply an expansion, Cicchetti (pronounced chi-KET-tee) is an independent restaurant and bar, with a kitchen dominated by a copper-clad wood burning hearth and a bar tilted more toward cocktails than the expansive wines of Serafina. Executive Chef Dylan Giordan has sought inspiration from throughout the Mediterranean for Cicchetti’s palette; likewise, the wine and cocktails stray more far afield than the more strictly Italian Serafina.

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