Cheeky Cafe

Cheeky Cafe

Comfort Food with a twist..There's a lot of ways to describe us, but whatever your tastes, we have something for everyone! Come on down and be treated like one of the family! Check out our info page to see what our daily specials are.

We offer coffee from Fonte Micro Coffee Roaster, founded right here in Seattle! As well as organic and fair-trade certified teas from Choice Organic Teas, also a local company!

Daily Specials:

Tuesday: Chicken Tenders - moist and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. Served with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and honey mustard dipping sauce.

Wednesday: Ox Tail Soup - slow braised ox tail with potatoes, tomatoes and celery. Served with a side of rice

Thursday: Pork Adobo - Philipino style braised pork, served with garlic fried rice and topped with an egg.

Friday: Spicy Fish Tacos - seared codfish, dressed with Four Sisters chili sauce, and served with Cuban Black Beans.

Weekends: Brunch Specials change weekly! Just call in or check our FB page to see what we're offering!

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