Cedar Cross Cooperative Preschool

Cedar Cross Cooperative Preschool is located in Mill Creek at Cedar Cross United Methodist Church. Offering classes for children ages 2-5, the school was established in 1986 and has attracted some of the finest teachers and students in the area over the years. Because Cedar Cross Preschool is cooperative, members enjoy reduced monthly tuition rates and have the opportunity to work in their child's classroom on a rotating basis. The school is operated by parents of members who work closely with the teachers to deliver an excellent early childhood education experience with the goal of getting children ready for kindergarten.

At Cedar Cross Cooperative Preschool we believe the work of children is play. Play develops independence, creativity, positive self-image and social skills. We strive to provide an environment in which children can learn through age-appropriate activities.

With a newly updated outdoor playground, multiple field trips throughout the year and play centers designed for learning, Cedar Cross Preschool provides a Christian learning environment where the creativity and imagination of all children are nurtured.