Burien Veterinary Hospital

Our Medicine
Burien Veterinary Hospital (BVH) offers a full spectrum of medicinal care. While we certainly emphasize well-pet and senior-pet preventative care, we have the capacity to run necessary diagnostics and initiate the appropriate therapies on-site for critical, and chronically ill patients.

High-tech equipment, such as digital radiology and ultrasound allows us to quickly diagnose problems and to consult with boarded specialists through telemedicine.

Our in-house lab is fully equipped for fast results on blood, urine, and cytological testing. Our two send-out labs, Antech and Phoenix, provide not only rapid and accurate hematology, micro, serology, urine and fecal test results, but they also offer a full panel of veterinary specialists, available for consultation.

We work closely with a multitide of Seattle area veterinary specialists, with whom our doctors have a good rapport, by consultation or referral. This assures each patient receives the best and most appropriate care possible.

Our Anesthesia, Surgery, and Dentistry

We take anesthesia very seriously. Every anesthetic patient is pre-screened, given the safest anesthetic agents and has all vitals closely monitored with state of the art monitoring systems.

Our Doctors are very passionate about surgery. With our advanced expertise and equipment, we are able to perform a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. All surgical patients receive vigilant pain management and peri-operative care.

A big part of veterinary practice is dental care. At BVH, this includes preventative prophylaxis, peridontal therapy and oral surgery. Our team uses an ultrasonic scaler, dental x-ray, high speed drill, polisher and high quality dental instruments to address all patients' various dental needs.