We firmly believe that dive bars are the best places to get sauced in and the Buckaroo in Seattle is definitely not a disappointment in any of the important factors that go in to the great dive bar equation. First off, the Buckaroo has a classic dive bar name—slightly misleading without any designations as to what it provides. Secondly the cast of hard-core drinkers at this Seattle dive bar is as blue-collar as they come and everybody heartily pounds the booze. So, you take those two and then multiply it by the wallet friendly pricing structure inherent in dive bars and factor in the beat down décor comprised of falling apart booths carved up with witty euphemisms and there you have it, math geniuses, the Buckaroo equals great dive bar fun in Seattle. Oh, almost forgot to use the exponents of 25-cent hotdog Mondays and free pool Sundays...someone bring us another beer and a damn calculator.