Bio-Therapeutic Anti-Aging Skin Spa

Bio Therapeutic Anti Aging Skin Spa

The flagship Bio-Therapeutic Anti-Aging Skin Spa is a unique and complex skin therapy center where clients receive highly personalized services based on the Bio-Therapeutic philosophy of technology based skin care. Using the most advanced diagnostic equipment known as bt-GEAR™, each service begins with a comprehensive skin analysis to ensure a complete focus on the client’s concerns and objectives, and develop an in depth treatment plan accordingly. Our Technologists will measure the pore size, wrinkle depth and intensity, elasticity, oil content and moisture content of the skin. Up to four comprehensive technologies are incorporated into each treatment session, along with a take home prescription of bT-Ceuticals™ to be used daily to support results. Each client is thoroughly educated about their skin, how to care for it, and when and why to use specific products, as well how different professional and at home technologies can help achieve and maintain their skin care objectives. Most professional treatments are prescribed in a series to maximize results, and ongoing skin analysis takes place to monitor progress.Innovation and results are at the core of the Bio-Therapeutic concept. Clients are welcomed into an exclusive and encompassing experience of clinical services that offer real results, and are always on the leading edge of the industry. Our professionals are experts in technology based skin care services, and receive continual education and training in the latest clinical advancements. They are devoted to helping clients look and feel their best by providing a superior level of personalized, result orientated attention and consistent service. The Bio-Therapeutic Anti-Aging Skin Spa is truly amongst the world's foremost anti-aging technology spas