Belltown Spine & Wellness

Belltown Spine & Wellness

Belltown Spine & Wellness provides affordable chiropractic treatment in Seattle for neck pain & back pain, whiplash, work injuries and more. Call us at (206) 441-7984 for a free consultation.

Our clinic offers a complete approach to health and wellness that combines chiropractic, physical medicine, light therapy, strength training and various other modalities into an individualized wellness program.

Belltown Spine and Wellness Center is an active and comfortable place where our patients find their path to ultimate health and improving their quality of life. For some it comes through a freedom from chronic back and neck pain with treatment by Dr Scott Mindel*. Postural correction alleviates pain and improves overall function of all organs including the digestive and immune systems and gives an overall appearance of confidence and improved body presentation/athletic performance.

Dr Julie Sutton is a naturopathic doctor and practicing acupuncturist. Her patients enjoy programs as widely varied as allergy testing, weight-loss, detoxification, nutritional/addiction/anxiety counseling, as well as general healthcare for day to day wellness. Perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock with stomach issues or suffer from a chronic sinus infection or maybe you’re interested in acupuncture treatment for relaxation or another specific issue, either way you should call today to make an appointment with Dr Julie*.

Our staff of highly trained healthcare professionals will guide you through your experience with compassion and positive energy. We are committed to making your experience smooth and free from stress from scheduling your first appointment to understanding how your insurance may work.

The difference between Belltown Spine and Wellness and most Western Medicine practices is that we believe health is something that comes from the inside out rather than treated from the outside in.

Our patients are welcomed like family and our staff is dedicated to making your time with us as enjoyable and efficient as possible. We respect and value your time, doing our utmost to keep waiting to a minimum, if at all.