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I am Shelley Banoo, expert aesthetician. I bring over 11 years of studying skin science, and product ingredients in the science of skincare. I hold both a LA (Licensed Aesthetician) and L.M.P. (Licensed Massage Practitioner). I am also a certified Image™ Skincare consultant.

Shelley Banoo Massage and Spa has a genuine passion for the science of skincare and anti-aging. I am a massage therapist to further provide the highest quality of spa services to encompass wellness with beauty for my clients. I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering and I worked as a Chemical Engineer for 8 years prior to starting my business in massage and spa services. I understand how products are made and which ingredients truly help the skin the most. My goal is to provide great service to each client individually, and to help them have the best skin that they can have.

I can look at someone’s skin and tell what their skin needs. I have a camera that takes pictures under the skin to show my clients the foundation layers of their skin, determine what their skin needs, and for tracking their skin progress scientifically. I am trained in the latest skin care ingredients for anti-aging using the latest and finest in skin treatments with stem cells and peptides for anti-aging, skin repair and nourishment.

Through my years of attending skincare conferences and training, I am best known for anti-aging skincare products and treatments. I pursue continuing education and have been attending the Face and Body Conference in San Jose, California since 2006 where I regularly update my training in anti-aging and specialized anti-aging skincare ingredients and treatments.

Shelley Banoo Massage and Spa is a clean, calm, peaceful, and happy environment with results oriented facials and massages. My clients feel the deep honesty, caring and compassion I bring to my work. Clients love my expertise, honesty and the quality of my services.

My clients regularly come back to the spa and recommend their friends for my services, because I deliver more for their skin and body. Furthermore, I educate my clients in the truth, and the myths of skincare and anti-aging to enable them to take the best care of themselves post treatments. I teach each client how to care for their skin type and conditions at home. I use photo analysis and a step by step process to track and aid in good skincare practices in their at home skin care program .

My business continues to grow because of my desire to provide the best services, the quality of my work and my expert knowledge in the field of skin care and anti-aging ingredients and the usage of the finest ingredients to slow down the aging process.

We customize all our facials and all our skin care products for the clients skin type and skin conditions. We specialize in acne and anti-aging facials.