Applebaum Mara, Ma, Ph Dc

We live in a culture that emphasizes independence, self-reliance, figuring things out on our own. While these are important aspects of adult life, they sometimes can develop into isolation and a fear of reaching out for connection. This split is a common urban experience, being surrounded by others yet feeling alone and frightened of one’s own private, quiet desperation.

In the midst of this, the potential of the client-therapist relationship is profound. Allowing yourself to be witnessed in therapy is a noble endeavor, opening the possibilities of deep, lasting intimacy with yourself and others. This is the longing I encounter time and again in my work — we humans ache for our whole selves and for each other, the bright and dark parts all together.

To fully claim our tenderness, our anger, and our vitality, we must build sacred space for them. I strive to co-create this intentional setting with each client. I invite you to contact me to see if my approach fits your needs.