СИСТЕМА Russian Martial Arts

СИСТЕМА Russian Martial Arts North Snohomish County Systema Study-Group Come experience Russian Martial Arts. • Health & Fitness • Hand-to-Hand Combat • Conventional & Improvised Weapons Systema develops skills by exploring and understanding Breathing, Relaxation, Natural Body Position and Movement to increase performance and create better living through Tension & Stress Management. This allows you to be physically, psychologically and spiritually calm as you learn to understand yourself. We meet at a variety of locations in Snohomish County. Please feel free to e-mail us if you are interested: Ryan Miller (agon.miller@gmail.com) or Tommy Johnsen (budo.mind@gmail.com). Also, please visit www.SystemaNW.com, www.RussianMartialArt.com and http://www.systemaryabko.ru/en/