Albat + Wirsam North America Incorporated

ALBAT+WIRSAM is forging ahead with all-round, branch-specific software solutions for the flat glass and window processing industries Together with CANTOR Software, international specialists for the optimized manufacture of windows and doors & full subsidiary of ALBAT+WIRSAM, the group’s software products encompass the entire spectrum of flat glass: IG, architectural, automotive, laminated and tempered / toughened. The spectrum of software products for optimization and digitalization from ALBAT+WIRSAM spans the application needs of the entire flat-glass industry: job and order processing, ERP systems, visualisation of procedures covering the full range of commercial and flat glass production processes, production planning and steering for TSG, LSG, double-glazing and processing, commercial data capture, monitoring systems and CNC guidance of processing machinery, web-based rack tracking & booking, cutting optimization and control, CAD and digitizing solutions for flat glass. Currently, ALBAT+WIRSAM are directing energies toward the development of guidance software for the newest generation of cutting and sorting systems. These branch-specific software innovations have set the standards for the latest generation of glass processing machinery. DynOpt has opened the way for the construction and guidance of high-tech sorting systems such as the Hegla SortJet and Bystronic first-sort: These two are the first of their kind to deliver streamlined, economic processes with optimum material yield in perfect production sequence.