Aim Physical Therapy Tacoma


AIM Physical Therapy has provided superior physical therapy, conditioning and fitness training, manual therapy, movement integration, women's health, home health services, orthopedic tissue healing, neurological, treating developmentally delayed children, and complete L & I services for over 5 years and has a combined experience of over 50+ years. Come see why our patients & clients have come to trust our proven results.

Life is all about movement. Movement is at the core of our early growth and development, and movement remains the central theme throughout life. As professionals, we promote movement yet we encompass the whole movement pattern. we created our company with the idea of creating a system that will address movement in developmentally delayed children to the elderly, and we have gone out into the community and found professionals who are experts in their respective fields addressing the broad spectrum of movement from many different views. Integrative movement is what we are all about. Our bodies are miracles capable of unbelievable durability, and resiliency, with an amazing performance and physical capacity. we are made to grow strong and gracefully. Reclaiming of authentic movement is the starting point. That is why we want want to be "Your Choice in Rehabilitative Care."