Aerial Missions Aerial Ash Scattering Services For The Pacific Northwest

Welcome Friends and Families,

In your time of sorrow and grief, we feel for you. Please accept our condolences. Losing someone dear to you is one of the hardest experiences a human being can go through in life. The grieving process we go through as people is not only hard but can be very sad, lonely, and emotional. We are not a large company, but just two individuals, a husband and wife team. We call ourselves Aerial Missions and are here to serve you with your decision to spread your loved one's ashes in the winds and currents of our beautiful world. We feel that this mission is a very important one, as the experience of the last and final chapter of a human life unfolds. In this ever-changing and evolving world, we offer to you and your loved one, the final freedom of flight. We are located in Seattle, Washington, which affords us access to some of the most beautiful scenery and country in the world. Call us at 206-409-0229 for more information.