Academy Of Makeup Artistry Seattle Cammua

We are a boutique makeup artistry academy teaching fundamental and advanced makeup application. We are passionate about providing quality education.

Academy of Makeup Artistry Seattle, formerly CAMMUA, is a boutique makeup education facility with 6 established schools in Southern California. This is our first venture into the Pacific Northwest and we are excited to share our knowledge.

We empahsize smaller class sizes so that students can maximize their time with the instructor. Our classes are not bloated with information that was designed for cosmetology or manicurist students. Our curriculum is honed, refined, and targeted towards masterful makeup application.

Our instruction comes from over 20 years of makeup and beauty experience in the commercial sector and fashion runways of Paris, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles. We train our students so that they can start working as a makeup artist in television, film, runway, magazines, catalogs, commercial projects and to able to book bridal jobs right away.

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