A Contemporary Theatre (ACT)

A Contemporary Theatre (Act)

The first Seattle community theatre dedicated to new plays (since 1965), Seattle's ACT is a professional, locally-driven testing ground for innovative dramatic works and contemporary drama.

ACT has been finding, creating and sharing contemporary theatre with audiences since 1965.

ACT made history as the first theatre in Seattle dedicated to producing contemporary plays, and we’re still making history as the most welcoming development house for new plays around. With our multiple stages and diversity of work, ACT keeps you intimately involved with new theatre.

We exist for the same reason that there is public education and public health – to support and raise the quality of life in our civilization.

We believe in the theatre of the moment, this moment, the present, contemporary struggles, issues, ideas, being. If this practice creates light, consciousness, deeper thought, more fellow feeling, both in our audiences and in ourselves, we believe this to be good for something.