Real Estate Tours to Use Oculus Rift Technology

Real Estate Tours to Use Oculus Rift Technology Oculu--Rift-Technology-real-estate

The Oculus Rift virtual reality platform has been a technology that has gained considerable attention and even downright obsession in the gaming community, however recently it has also picked up steam as the next hottest technology in the world of real estate marketing. A Seattle-based design company called Studio216 is currently developing software for the Oculus Rift that allows prospective buyers or renters to take 3-D virtual tours of yet to be built properties giving them an intimate and detailed perspective. Though the company does not yet have any completed programs for future Seattle properties, Studio216 is nearly finished developing a program for a glass office called Park Tower in San Francisco. The 700,00 square foot office building developed by John Buck Co. won’t actually be finished until 2018, but with the Studio216’s new program potential tenants can take virtual tours of the building to help image what it may be like working at Park Tower. The company could also very well change the way that real estate projects are marketed in the future by providing a platform for people from across the world to virtually experience potential projects with partners or clients. Michael Bain is an analyst for New Home Source.
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