Visit Mount Rainier National Park on this private, full-day tour. See waterfalls, old-growth forests, flowering meadows, and plenty of wildlife in their natural habitat.'This'new experience on Mount Rainier makes the expected stops ' with fantastic views and vistas, waterfalls, and park grounds, but also ventures off the beaten path. This private tour travels all the way around Mount Rainier, and the different landscapes are fantastic. Lunch and three stops for trail walks and/or waterfalls are included.

On this'private tour, travel by car, SUV, or van to Mount Rainier. Experience pristine, old-growth evergreen forests, sub-alpine meadows, waterfalls, an ice-glacier path, and spectacular alpine vistas.

Stop at Longmire for a visit to the 1899 park headquarters. Walk along a nice dirt trail through the forest and visit the gift shop, when open. Then visit Paradise, located on the south slope of Mount Rainier, with personal time to hike the paved and dirt trails to a waterfall or vista with massive Mt. Rainier in front. There's also the visitor center, gift shop, and Paradise Inn Hotel to explore. Enjoy lunch here with the pre-selected boxed lunch.

Finally, stop at Narada Falls, the most popular local waterfall'because the Mount Rainier Highway crosses the falls between its two tiers.

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